Ishita is a patriot. She is passionate about faith, family and community and above all, is a proud Liberal and Australian. She is an experienced barrister, small business owner, trusted advisor and academic. Born in India, she immigrated to Australia in the 80s with her parents, Neera and Manu. She was a carer for her 92 year old grandmother, Nirmala.

Since her call to the Bar, Ishita has been a strong advocate for a wide range of clients including federal and state government departments, such as the Deputy Commissioner of Taxation and Chief Commissioners of State Revenue. She has represented multinational corporations, private schools embroiled in litigation with the government and everyday mums and dads who have found themselves caught up in the legal system.

Ishita has been elected to and served on:

  • NSW Bar Association Council
  • NSW Liberal Women’s Council
  • Executive Board (Treasurer) of 2 Selborne Chambers
  • Management committee of the Toongabbie Legal Centre

I want to defend the interests of Australia Fearlessly

"Foremost I believe that human life is valuable and precious. Truth, respect, freedom and justice are virtues fundamental to a civil society. When presented with a challenge, we must exercise discernment and wisdom and avoid politics and confusion.  Serving others is one of the greatest and most fulfilling endeavours of human life."

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Overcoming adversity - journey to Australia

Ishita’s grandfather was in the Royal Indian Air Force. He, as with all of Ishita’s grandparents, was forced to flee from his country, land and life in 1947 during the partition of India. They found themselves displaced and having to rebuild their lives from scratch.

From selling fruit in street carts to farming and manufacturing, Ishita’s grandparents did whatever it took to overcome adversity. Ishita’s father was born in a refugee camp and came to be educated in the emerging industry of information technology. Her father served in the Indian Navy as a Lieutenant Commander.

Values of perseverance, education and service to others were imparted on Ishita from a young age and the pursuit of which ultimately led her parents to have the opportunity to immigrate to Australia.  



She is the only one in the field that can offer a fresh start. Her experience in the real world allows her to bring a much needed outsiders perspective.

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She personifies traditional Liberal Party values. The values of our ‘We Believe Statement’ including of individual freedom and free enterprise.


She has the courage and capacity to advocate for these values.


She will prosecute our case in the Senate. Over a decade of experience as a barrister equips her with the skills to defend and advance our values in the Senate.


She represents the quiet Australian voter.  She is the only candidate who will unite our Party and work tirelessly to bring about electoral success.


The Hon.  Angus Taylor MP
Shadow Treasurer of Australia | Member For Hume

Ishita has the skills, attributes and experience that the Liberal Party needs to win back marginal seats. She has significant professional experience as a barrister and a critical mind which allows her to quickly get on top of complex issues of law, policy and politics. She is able to articulate from a values based position and possesses a skill set that make her an asset for our Party.
Ishita is a natural leader and connects easily with people and communities. We need people like Ishita in our Parliament and I wish her every success in her preselection.

Tim James MP
Shadow Minister for Fair Trading, Work Health and Safety and Building | Member For Willoughby

Ishita's skill set and life experience would be so valuable for our Party in the Senate.

Ishita is a great example of the migrant success story. She arrived on our shores with her family as a girl with little. And through perseverance and hard work has risen to the heights of the NSW Bar. I have known and respected Ishita for many years. We met through mutual colleagues in the law and I got to know her well during my time at the Menzies Research Centre (MRC) during which time she was a strong supporter of the MRC.

Ishita has an impressive reputation at the bar, is highly respected and on a path to an outstanding career. That she is seeking public office is a great positive for our party and reflects her inherent desire and drive to contribute to public policy in Australia.

She is a strong voice for Liberal values, has sound instincts and is a persuasive and powerful advocate. I wish Ishita well in this selection and commend her candidacy to you.

The Hon. Anthony Roberts MP
Former NSW Minister & Father of the House | Member For Lane Cove

I’m delighted to endorse the Candidacy of Ishita Sethi for the current Senate vacancy.

An accomplished Barrister, small business operator and long-standing servant of the Party, Ishita will bring a fresh approach to the Senate and will be a fierce advocate for Liberal values across NSW.

Ishita is a first class candidate and I’m certain she will make fine addition to the Parliamentary team as we look to win Government back from this destructive Albanese administration.

Alister Henskens SC MP
Shadow Attorney General and Shadow Special Minister of State | Member For Wahroonga

I have known Ms Sethi since 2015, shortly after she was elected to the NSW Bar Council, and have followed her career with interest. To say that Ms Sethi is an accomplished and highly regarded barrister is an understatement. Her interest in nominating as a candidate for the 2023 NSW Senate is testimony to her dedication to, and experience in, community service through a range of organisations. Ms Sethi is a mentor to a number of women from a diverse range of backgrounds through programs at tertiary institutions, the NSW Bar Association and through community. Ms Sethi is eminently suitable to represent New South Wales and the Liberal Party in the Australian Senate. Her migrant background will be a great asset, and her professional skills and personal experience will enable her to deeply reflect on matters of public policy and be an outstanding and thoughtful contributor to the Federal parliamentary party. Ms Sethi has the capacity to develop strong relationships and work as part of a team to achieve outcomes.

 The Hon. Rachel Merton MLC
Member of the NSW Legislative Council

Ishita is quite simply an outstanding candidate for the Liberal Party. An accomplished barrister and academic, a skilled media performer, a busy volunteer in her local community and most importantly, a proud and committed Liberal, the Liberal Party is fortunate to have someone of Ishita’s calibre offering herself for preselection.

I have worked alongside Ishita on the NO campaign to The Voice have been so impressed by her dedication, her energy, her courage and her commitment to our cause.

I commend Ishita’s candidature to you.

The Hon. Susan Carter MLC
Shadow Assistant Minister for Attorney General
Shadow Assistant Special Minister of State
Shadow Assistant Minister for Corrections
Member of the NSW Legislative Council

Ishita possesses a strong legal mind and is an experienced barrister. She has a strong history of involvement in the party and has held positions in both her branch and on Women’s Council.

Ishita is a force on the hustings and we are fortunate she is offering her unique skill set and her strong conservative values to serve the party and the community in the Senate.

Nyunggai Warren Mundine AO
Executive Chairman at Nyungga Black Group Pty Ltd

Following the divisive Referendum and the loses of the Coalition in recent state and federal elections, the lessons are clear. We need to regroup, regenerate, and build for the future. That is why I support Ishita. Ishita will make an excellent Senator for NSW and I am pleased to support her nomination.  She has an instinctive ability to understand and connect with people from all walks.  She is very perceptive and intelligent and can understand and suggest  solutions for complex socio-economic problems.  She is strong and capable and I have confidence that she can shake things up in ways  much needed in the Senate.

Peter F S King AO
FAICD AMP (Harvard) Director REAP Africa,
former CEO Fairfax and Chairman of World Vision Australia.

Ishita Sethi is an Australian Barrister with a track record of successfully representing a wide range of individuals and small to large companies, including governments and not-for-profit organisations.

I have had the privilege of knowing Ishita for the last 7 years and have always been impressed by her commitment, courage and enthusiasm for doing good for her fellow Australians, particularly those less fortunate than herself. Ishita is very articulate and presents well and clearly on a wide range of subjects outside of her legal speciality.

She has a friendly and attractive personality who makes friends easily and naturally. I believe Ishita will make a great Senator - she has outstanding attributes with the ability to represent not only the Liberal Party but all Australians with dignity, courage and excellence. I have no hesitation in strongly recommending Ishita as a candidate for the Australian Senate representing the Liberal Party.

Teena McQueen
Group Chief Policy Advisor, Hancock Prospecting and
Former Federal Liberal Party Vice President

Ishita is a passionate, empowered and capable woman with a proven record of professional success at the NSW Bar.

She is articulate, great with people and relatable to people from all walks of life. Ishita has the hard skills and discipline necessary to running Senate inquiries, reviewing legislation and advocating for a values based position.

There is no doubt in my mind that Ishita will make a fantastic Senator as she has the skills and background that our Party so desperately needs to increase membership, support marginal seats and win back the hearts, minds and votes of Australians.

Wally Mehanna
CEO, Canterbury Bankstown Chamber of Commerce

I met Ishita Sethi a few years ago, it was clear to me that she had a strong presence, integrity, intellect, and future in politics.

Ishita has forged a successful career in the law as a barrister and has been a pillar for others in the community. She has always struck me as a woman with a strong sense of justice, passion, service, and humility.

Ishita does not shy away from any opportunity to help others – whether that is through advice, advocacy, or mentorship.

There is no doubt that Ishita will be a fantastic representative for NSW citizens, especially those in South Western Sydney.

I wish Ishita the best of luck in her nomination for the Senate.

Yvette Nehme
Director of Development Campion College, NSW

I have known Ishita for 4 years now. I was privileged to meet her during a Dynamic Womens lunch that she organises, along with a few other great professional women.

Ishita is motivated and hard working. Her commitment and dedication in ensuring a greater community is evident in all the extracurricular activities she is involved in.

My personal interactions with Ishita have shown that she is a natural leader, friendly, caring and holds great moral values.

Ishita would be instrumental in making positive contributions to many areas, ensuring that we have a better Australia for years to come.

John Fenessy
Epping Rotary Membership Chair

In the time I have known Ishita, she has proven herself to be intelligent, articulate and community minded.

She connects naturally with people and I believe she would be an asset to community on many levels.

I support her nomination to the Senate.

Bhagwat Chauhan
Director, President NSW Hindu Council of Australia

We are proud of Ishita's achievements as a migrant who is now a successful barrister. We are pleased to learn of Ishita’s nomination to become the next Liberal Party Senator from NSW.  We believe she is exactly the type of strong voice that is needed to advocate for diverse and migrant communities across Australia. She is not only highly educated and capable but she is also culturally aware and respected in the community. We have every confidence that Ishita will advance the opportunities and profile of the Indian community in Australia. We believe wholeheartedly that she will be a fantastic representative in the Senate for the fast growing Australian Indian community.

Adrian Walker
Secretary, Toongabbie Legal Centre Inc

I am glad to refer Ishita Sethi for preselection as a Liberal Senator for New South Wales.

Ishita and I have both been involved with the Toongabbie Legal Centre in Western Sydney for almost 10 years. 

Ishita has provided pro bono assistance to TLC in the form of legal representation, delivering legal seminars for community and legal practitioners on various areas of law and currently through her role on the Management Committee. 
Ishita continually strives to give back to underprivileged and migrant communities through selfless service. Ishita is highly experienced as a barrister and her down-to-earth approach has made her well-liked and respected by clients and colleagues.

Her enthusiasm and dedication and her ability to see the large canvas will make a valuable edition to the Senate and I encourage her in her presenting for preselection.

Ross Barwick
President, Epping S.E.C.

Ishita has been well and favourably known to me in Party circles for quite some time. It is correct to say that she is highly active.

Ishita brings both intellect and learning to her endeavours.

I have been provided with a copy of Ishita's CV which does not fail to impress. The most striking feature, apart from her professional accomplishments, is her involvement and interest in areas of activity outside her profession; I refer, of course, to her evident interest in people and those those who are less fortunate, those who "fall through the cracks".

Her activities in women's interests also stand out and suggest to me that she has an important role to play in advocating the position of women not only within the Party but also in the wider community. If this be her continuing intention, then she has much to offer.

I commend her candidacy.

Gai Reddin
Vice President, NSW Liberal Womens Council

Ishita served on the NSW Liberal Women’s Council along with me in the last term (2022/23).  During that time she demonstrated her ability to connect with people and inspire unity. I wish her well with her nomination as Senator for NSW.

Michael McAuley

I have known Ishita Sethi for the past ten years since she became a member of Second Floor Selborne, where she practices as a barrister. Ishita and her parents came to Australia from Punjab, India, when Ishita was five years of age. Ishita was educated in state schools in Canberra. Ishita is an articulate and capable person.

If pre-selected, Ishita would bring to the Senate a diverse background, as well as high level analytical and communication skills. Ishita has the ability to make a significant contribution to the Senate. Ishita’s professional experience would be helpful in holding government to account in tax, superannuation and administration. 

Ian E Davidson SC
Senior Counsel

I am delighted to provide this reference in support of my colleague at the NSW Bar Ishita Sethi, whom I have had the privilege of now knowing for several years, being endorsed to fill the vacant NSW Senate position for the Liberal party.

Ishita has that balance of youth and energy but still sufficient practical experience in the real world outside the perceived Canberra “bubble”, both before and after she was called to the Bar in 2013 and including but not limited to her specialty area of taxation, as well as a commitment to public service that would enable her to make a valuable contribution as a Senator.  Also, as someone who is not a member of the Liberal party but has been somewhat saddened to observe some of the recent challenges of the NSW branch, I feel prompted to suggest that Ishita’s articulate and engaging personality, as well as her personal background might help in combatting some of the stereotypes about the current Liberal party being ill equipped to represent the diversity of modern Australia and about the allegedly narrow backgrounds of those who seek to articulate more conservative or classical liberal values.

Margaret Cunneen SC
Senior Counsel

I met Ishita when, shortly after she was called to the Bar 10 years ago, she was elected to its inner sanctum, the Bar Council. There I was impressed by the courage she displayed in holding to her high principles in the face of dissent by more senior, and more voluble, people.

I came to know Ishita's character, tenacity and integrity well. Since then we have been close friends. Ishita is highly intelligent and an extraordinarily effective barrister. She is deeply committed to Liberal values. She is compassionate and has an enthusiasm that inspires confidence.

She is extremely hard working. The Liberal Party is fortunate indeed that such an accomplished woman should offer herself for the service of our country as a Senator.

Jeffrey Phillips SC
Senior Counsel

I have known my colleague and friend Ishita Sethi from our service together on the NSW Bar Council; and I know her to be a courageous and intelligent advocate of her beliefs and opinions which she articulates well with charm and poise.

I support her candidacy to serve in the Senate and believe she will make an outstanding contribution to the nation.

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